Hot  from the oven…

Home-made  Bread:served with dips .   18


Direct from the market…

Pedro Salad:  Lettuce, sprouts , sweet potato, tomatoes and seared mushrooms & 
walnutsin vinaigrette. 46 

Caprice  salade :  cherry tomatoes , small radish ,fresh Mozzarella & olives
 in balsamic & olive oil .   42
Tortelini Asparagus :  on a bed of parmesan creamfiled with cheese, 
Artichok & Truffle oil .   44
Roquefort  Mushrooms:  Baked in the oven stuffed with 3 cheese & walnuts 
with cream sauce . 44

From the fisherman's net…

Salmon Avocado  Ceviche:  Fresh (raw) salmon, avocado, red onion
,balsamic vinegar and herbs.   48

Broduto :  sea food in a tomato sauce , black olives , poached egg , mozzarella
 & Trufflesalt .   48

Crispy calamari :  fried on a bed of lemon cheese ,Soy beans ,Arugula,
 cherry tomatoes & Tabasco.  48

Blue-cheese Shrimps: Stir-fried shrimps in cream and blue cheese, with
 artichoke and pasta strips.  48

From the Huntsman's archery…

Chef chunks :   meatchunks on a bed of  Jerusalem Artichoke cream, 
Asparagus & mushrooms.   52

Carpaccio: Thin raw slices of beef fillet with parmesan
 cheese, balsamic vinegar.   48 

Rump Polenta: Rump chunks on a bed of fresh corn polenta with mushrooms
and asparagus.   52

Goose Liver Slices: Scorched, in pear and ginger sauce.   68

From the chef's brush…

Something else :   foie gras medallions with Tahini , pure 
pistachio paste , dates honey & lemon .  68

Chef spaical :  ask the waiter…. 59

Main Course
Grilled chicken breast on a bed of  garlic cream and wine sauce, with bakedbeetroot
Pedro Burger  
Hamburgerwith melted parmesan cheese, stir-fried mushrooms and fried onion in a bun
Pedro Schnitzel  
Weiner schnitzel from rump meat with a crispycoating
Aged Entrecote (300 gr ) 
Juicy imported entrecote steak entwined with fat
 Fillet Gnocchi 
Home-made gnocchi with fillet in cream &mushroom sauce
Fillet Artichoke
Beef fillet chunks in cream and pesto sauce withartichoke, garlic and cherry tomatoes
Sea food Linguini

Blackpasta with shrimps, calamari and mussels in coconut milk , Oyster sauce &chili 
Sea cauldron
Seafood mix with gnocchi, garlic, celery and black olives in saffroncream & chili 
Sea-Bream Fillet
Oven backed, served on a bed of red beetroot, celery & apple tartarwith dill butter cream



Additional sauce :  

mushroom/pepper and cream, beef stock, wine
Pedro Spaicials: 


Pedro Steak (300 gr)  
Juicy fresh entrecote steak entwined with fat
Rossini Tornado  
Fresh beef fillet with goose liver in beef stockand truffles sauce
Chateaubriand :(500 gr) 
Beeffillet in red wine sauce accompanied by fresh corn and mushroom polenta







Mother Earth…

Vegetarian/vegan* starters

Roasted eggplant with tahini , yogurt ,cherry tomatoes , garlic &pine nuts .  39

Vegetarian/vegan* main courses

Lentil & sweet potato patties   69
On a bed of eggplant cream & tahini* , soybeans, cherry tomatoes& micro leaves.

Vegetables green wheat 69
Seared Artichoke & cherry on a bed of green wheat casserole, herbs& toasted almonds.

Gnocchi & green 69
Home- made gnocchi with green vegetables in mushrooms cream sauce & parmesan .






Children's Menu
Garfield Pasta …   
 In tomato sauce/ rose sauce/ mushroom and creamsauce
angry birds…   
Small Schnitzels With fried potatoes / mashedpotatoes & vegetables
Sponge Bob burger… 
 SmallHamburger With fried potatoes /mashed potatoes& vegetables
power rangers…   
Beef Fillet medallions with fried potatoes /mashedpotatoes & vegetables 




Wine Menu

Gamla Sauvignon Blan
Red Wine
140 Anava Merlot
85 Tavor Merlot
85 Tavor Cabernet Sauvignon 
95 Galil Shiraz Cabernet 
99 Gamla Sangiovese
110 Gamla Merlot 
110 Rosemount Shiraz Cabernet
110 Tavor Adama-Cabarnet Sauvignon
135 Gamla Cabernet Sauvignon
150 Flam Classico
150 Galil Yiron 
150 Cianti Villa Lucia
155 Beronia Crianza
155 Masi Modelo
160 Pelter Trio
160 Yarden Merlot
169 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 
169 Yarden Pinot Noir
169 Anava Pinot Noir 2007
169 Yarden Syrah
250 Anava Pinot Noir 2006
350 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 2002
550 Yarden Katzrin Red 2007
680 Masi Amarone Costasera Reserva























































Pedro Business Dinner* - 88 NIS

First course of choice: (business dish):

Pedro Salad:
Lettuce, sprouts, cherry tomatoes and hot mushrooms in vinaigrette dressingwith walnuts.

Salmon Avocado Ceviche: Fresh (raw) salmon, avocado, redonion, balsamic vinegar and herbs, served with toast.

Roquefort Mushrooms:
2 pieces baked in the oven.

Soup of the day:   Ask the waiter...

*It's possible to change 2 business firsts to 1"daily special" for two!!

Main course of choice:

Pedro Schnitzel - Weiner schnitzel with a side dish of choice

Pedro Burger - Hamburger with melted parmesan cheese, stir-friedmushrooms and fried onion in a bun.

Scaloppini: Grilled chicken breast on a bed of  garlic cream and wine sauce, with bakedbeetroot

Butternut squash Mushroom:  Baked butternut squash filled with mushrooms and mozzarella with blacklentils and thyme cream sauce

Upgraded Business :  Fish/Aged Entrecote (additional 20 NIS)

GLASS OF SOFT DRINK : orange juice / lemonade

Dessertsorbet ice-cream .

Valid every day between 18:00-20:00 , except Friday and Holidays(festivals)*


Duo Sharing Menu - 148 NIS per person

5 starters to the center of the table:

Pedro Salad:
Lettuce,sprouts, cherry tomatoes and hot mushrooms in vinaigrette dressing withwalnuts.

Salmon Avocado Ceviche:
Fresh (raw) salmon, avocado, red onion, balsamic vinegar and herbs, served withtoast.

Roquefort Mushrooms:
Baked in the oven.

Rump Polenta:
Rump chunks on a bed of fresh corn polenta with a touch of mascarpone,mushrooms and asparagus.

House Bread - with dips.

Main course of choice from the menu (not including Specials)

Pedro steak - additional 30 NIS

Rossini Fillet- additional  50 NISShato Brian- additional  120 NIS

Duo Dessert of choice:

Catalan Cream- Crème Brule with a citrus aroma

Mallabi -  Vanillacream with pistachio Brule ,  champagneglazing and caramel sauce.  

Drawing in food -  Mini cheese cakes coated in a selection of fruit ganash.

Chocolate Souffle -Home-made with 3 kinds of chocolate and coffee  parfait.

Sorbet - In various flavors

Soft drink: Lemonade/Orange Juice/coca-cola/zero/7up/diet 7up/miranda

special offer : Bottle of wine for two- 88 NIS- ask the waiter…




Catalan Cream
Crème Brule with a orange aroma 
Vanilla cream with pistachio Brule ,  champagne glazing and caramel
Drawing in  food 
Mini cheese cakes coated in a selection of fruitganash.
Chocolate Souffle
Home-made with 3 kinds of chocolate and coffeeice-cream
in various flavors , on a bed of fruit salad