Main Course

Main Course

Pedro's farm…

Chicken Balutin:  filled with mushrooms, spinach and mint, 
topped with salsa verde andcarrots.  88   

PedroBurger:  Hamburger with melted parmesan cheese,
stir-fried mushrooms and onion in a bun.  78

Pedro Schnitzel: Weiner schnitzel from rump meat 
with a crispy coating.  76
Aged Entrecote (300 gr ):   Juicy imported entrecote steak 
entwined with fat  .  108
Fillet Gnocchi : Home-made gnocchi with fillet in cream & mushroom sauce. 98

Fillet Dijon :  Beef fillet chunks in mustard cream
 sauce with mushrooms, garlic and Asparagus.  95

Stratz'ti - fresh pasta!: with sirloin steak chunks
 mushrooms in beef stock sauce & parmesan.   88

The big blue…

Stratz'ti - fresh pasta!:  with shrimps in Mediterranean sauce and parmesan.   88

Sea cauldron : mix Seafood with gnocchi, garlic, celery and black olives in
lemon cream sauce & chili. 98

Sea-Bream Fillet: Grilled , with sautéed  garden vegetables, topped with salsa
 verde andwarm yogurt.  98

Salmon steak :  baked in theoven with mush potato ,
 Asparagus & lemon cream sauce .  98 

  Mama's fish patties:  made from Drum fish with eggplant & parmesan in
 a spicy tomatoes sauce .   95 

Drum fish filet :  grilled , coated with pistachio & lemonzest on
 a bed of eggplant cream and wheat . 109

Extra Sides :  Fries / mashed potatoes / small salad  8


Pedro Steak (350 gr ) :   128
Juicy fresh entrecote steak with Bone Marrow .

Rossini Tornado: 155
Fresh beef fillet with goose liver in beef stock and truffles sauce.

Chateaubriand :(500 gr)   255
Beef fillet in wine & beef stock sauce accompanied by fresh corn polenta & mushrooms.