Hot  from the oven…

Home-made  Bread:served with dips .   18


Direct from the market…

Pedro Salad:  Lettuce, sprouts , sweet potato, tomatoes and seared mushrooms & 
walnutsin vinaigrette. 46 

Caprice  salade :  cherry tomatoes , small radish ,fresh Mozzarella & olives
 in balsamic & olive oil .   42
Tortelini Asparagus :  on a bed of parmesan creamfiled with cheese, 
Artichok & Truffle oil .   44
Roquefort  Mushrooms:  Baked in the oven stuffed with 3 cheese & walnuts 
with cream sauce . 44

From the fisherman's net…

Salmon Avocado  Ceviche:  Fresh (raw) salmon, avocado, red onion
,balsamic vinegar and herbs.   48

Broduto :  sea food in a tomato sauce , black olives , poached egg , mozzarella
 & Trufflesalt .   48

Crispy calamari :  fried on a bed of lemon cheese ,Soy beans ,Arugula,
 cherry tomatoes & Tabasco.  48

Blue-cheese Shrimps: Stir-fried shrimps in cream and blue cheese, with
 artichoke and pasta strips.  48

From the Huntsman's archery…

Chef chunks :   meatchunks on a bed of  Jerusalem Artichoke cream, 
Asparagus & mushrooms.   52

Carpaccio: Thin raw slices of beef fillet with parmesan
 cheese, balsamic vinegar.   48 

Rump Polenta: Rump chunks on a bed of fresh corn polenta with mushrooms
and asparagus.   52

Goose Liver Slices: Scorched, in pear and ginger sauce.   68

From the chef's brush…

Something else :   foie gras medallions with Tahini , pure 
pistachio paste , dates honey & lemon .  68

Chef spaical :  ask the waiter…. 59