Pedro Business Dinner* - 88 NIS

First course of choice: (business dish):

Pedro Salad:
Lettuce, sprouts, cherry tomatoes and hot mushrooms in vinaigrette dressingwith walnuts.

Salmon Avocado Ceviche: Fresh (raw) salmon, avocado, redonion, balsamic vinegar and herbs, served with toast.

Roquefort Mushrooms:
2 pieces baked in the oven.

Soup of the day:   Ask the waiter...

*It's possible to change 2 business firsts to 1"daily special" for two!!

Main course of choice:

Pedro Schnitzel - Weiner schnitzel with a side dish of choice

Pedro Burger - Hamburger with melted parmesan cheese, stir-friedmushrooms and fried onion in a bun.

Scaloppini: Grilled chicken breast on a bed of  garlic cream and wine sauce, with bakedbeetroot

Butternut squash Mushroom:  Baked butternut squash filled with mushrooms and mozzarella with blacklentils and thyme cream sauce

Upgraded Business :  Fish/Aged Entrecote (additional 20 NIS)

GLASS OF SOFT DRINK : orange juice / lemonade

Dessertsorbet ice-cream .

Valid every day between 18:00-20:00 , except Friday and Holidays(festivals)*


Duo Sharing Menu - 148 NIS per person

5 starters to the center of the table:

Pedro Salad:
Lettuce,sprouts, cherry tomatoes and hot mushrooms in vinaigrette dressing withwalnuts.

Salmon Avocado Ceviche:
Fresh (raw) salmon, avocado, red onion, balsamic vinegar and herbs, served withtoast.

Roquefort Mushrooms:
Baked in the oven.

Rump Polenta:
Rump chunks on a bed of fresh corn polenta with a touch of mascarpone,mushrooms and asparagus.

House Bread - with dips.

Main course of choice from the menu (not including Specials)

Pedro steak - additional 30 NIS

Rossini Fillet- additional  50 NISShato Brian- additional  120 NIS

Duo Dessert of choice:

Catalan Cream- Crème Brule with a citrus aroma

Mallabi -  Vanillacream with pistachio Brule ,  champagneglazing and caramel sauce.  

Drawing in food -  Mini cheese cakes coated in a selection of fruit ganash.

Chocolate Souffle -Home-made with 3 kinds of chocolate and coffee  parfait.

Sorbet - In various flavors

Soft drink: Lemonade/Orange Juice/coca-cola/zero/7up/diet 7up/miranda

special offer : Bottle of wine for two- 88 NIS- ask the waiter…